A Comprehensive Guide to Remy Hair Extensions

Emma Ashton
3 min readFeb 16, 2022


remy hair extensions

Whether you’ve tried hair extensions before or they’re something new to you, you’re probably wondering what makes Remy hair so special. We’ve created this guide to make choosing and using Remy hair extensions much easier.

What is Remy human hair?

Remy hair extensions are made from hair that has been carefully collected at the root, all cuticles intact, resulting in a strand with a natural, undamaged look. This type of hair is less processed than others and generally still retains the natural color of the individual whose hair it came from, making Remy the most natural-looking option available on the market.

Where does Remy hair come from?

Remy hair comes from the donors, including the girls or ladies who want to sell their hair, from temples and monasteries hoping to make money for their own expenses and projects, and from hair salons looking for a way to make money with otherwise wasted material. Most importantly, the hair that comes from the donors is never bleached or dyed.

What makes Remy hair extensions so good?

Collecting Remy human hair extensions is an exacting process that helps to lend this highest-grade hair its incomparable qualities, including fullness and natural shine.

When the cuticles are intact, remy hair is highly desired because it is softer, easier to manage, and less susceptible to tangles than virgin hair. Remy hair extensions ​are therefore the most common choice among women who want to add fullness and length to their own hairstyles. The quality of Remy hair means that it looks great for a long time, though you will have to replace it sooner than more affordable options such as synthetic or Indian hair.

Which types of hair extensions made with 100% Remy Human Hair are available at Halo Couture?

As experts in clip-in hair extensions human hair, we know that the quality of a weft is key to ensuring that each extension lasts. Using Remy human hair and a French wefting technique, our clip-in extensions are designed to reduce shedding and last longer than cheaper alternatives.

With Halo Couture hair extensions, you can choose from a range of lengths and colors. Clip-in extensions, which are easy to hide and comfortable to wear, come with a stitched weft, while seamless extensions are the easiest to wear and most comfortable, thanks to their super-fine wefts that leave no trace.

Looking for clip-in hair? We have a large range of ​hair extensions​ in colors to match any outfit or occasion. Get a set that matches your natural color — or change your look with the seasons! Our hair extensions blended with your own hair are easy to maintain. You can also choose from different variety of hair extensions like sew-in, balayage hair, or the best tape-in hair extensions from Halo Couture.



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