Do Sew-In Ruin Natural Hair?

Emma Ashton
4 min readFeb 21, 2022

Want to know the great way to add volume and length to your natural hair? Well, among the many other types of hair extensions, sew-in hair extensions are one of the finest ways for adding length and volume.

Sew-in hair extensions are known to last longer than most hair extensions, however many want to know whether the sew-in hair extensions ruin your natural hair or not. Want to know more about it? Check below and learn everything you need to know about sew-in hair extensions.

Sew In Hair Extensions

Sew in hair extensions is a way to add volume and length to your natural hair. However, the procedure to install sew-in hair extensions is quite different from the rest. As the name suggests, the sew-in hair extensions are sewn on your natural hair to be installed.

During the weave installation, women and stylists alike choose real human hair extensions for the most natural result. They will look absolutely natural and beautiful. Also, you can take advantage of their versatility and always style the weave in multiple ways.

Installation Process Of Sew In Hair Extensions

For the installation of sew-in hair extensions, you will need to go to a professional stylist as the whole process of installation takes a lot of time and is complicated. First, your hair will be sectioned horizontally and braided into cornrows. Your braids should be neither too tight or too loose- which is why it’s advisable to get it done by a professional.

Then after your hair is braided into cornrows, the real human hair extensions are sewn in on your cornrows with a needle and a thread. Although the whole process takes up a lot of time and effort, you will have semi-permanent hair extensions which you can flaunt naturally.

Will Sew In Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

If you have really fine hair and want to add volume and length to your hair then you should not choose the sew in hair extensions. This is because as mentioned earlier, your hair is braided into cornrows and also the extensions are sewn on your natural hair. This can cause damage to your roots as the hair extensions will weigh down your natural hair.

As your natural hair is braided to your scalp when you are washing your hair, you won’t be able to remove any built-up bacterias which are formed on your natural hair. You can remove some of them however you need to spend a lot of time washing your hair and also make sure to wash them regularly.

The Best Things About Sew In

Sew-ins also have numerous advantages and Can be installed on both short or long hair which most of the other hair extensions are not suitable for.

The real human hair extensions will always be held firmly on your head as it will be sewed on your natural hair so you no longer have to worry about them falling off your head. Also when you are wearing the sew in hair extensions, you will have a perfectly natural and flawless look.


Sew in hair extensions are not suitable for every hair, and if you think that you have really fine hair and don’t want to go through all the trouble of braiding them into cornrows, then the sew-in hair extensions are not the right choice for you. Sew in hair extensions does not ruin every type of hair so it all depends on the type of hair extensions you wear. Choose the best hair extension by searching sew in hair extensions near me and always slay your looks.



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