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Emma Ashton
3 min readJun 24, 2022


If you’re seeking the most economical and cost-effective hair extensions, we’ve got you covered regardless of the type or purpose. We have classified the applications and advantages in this blog so you can select what is ideal for you based on your needs!

Tape In Hair Extensions


● Tape in human hair extensions are among the most cost-effective hair extensions that anyone can enjoy.

● Tape-ins only take around an hour to install.

● Tape-in hair extensions costs the same as a decent clip-in hair extension and are substantially less expensive than fusion/micro bead/I link hair extensions.

The entire cost of tape in extensions and installation is substantially lower. Getting a natural look at a lower cost is every woman’s hair fantasy, right?

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip In Extensions From Halocouture

Clip-in hair extensions are also inexpensive compared to permanent options since there is no application or removal charge.

● The amount you pay for the hair is the only payment you must make.

● They are easier to maintain because the hair is not used on a regular basis and hence does not require as much washing.

● Because clip-ins are simple to install and remove, there is no hair damage, and you can use the money saved from hair treatments to purchase a new set of clip-in hair.

Sew In Hair Extensions

Check Out The Detailed Installation By HaloCouture

● The installation method does not require any glue or adhesive, which prevents hair damage and saves you money!

● It is also heat-free, so there will be no harm.

Sew in hair extensions are incredibly low maintenance, requiring just the minimal care that you would provide to your own hair.

Sew-ins, as inexpensive as they are, are ideal for ladies on the go who don’t have time to straighten their hair in the morning rush hour. As a result, you will save time and money when purchasing styling hair products or tools.

Real Human Hair Extensions Vs Synthetic Hair Extensions

Human Hair Vs. Synthetic Hair

Real Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions are made from actual donors and hence behave and feel just like your own hair. It can be heat-styled, steamed and blow-dried, or diffused. As it behaves just like your hair, hair extensions made of human hair tend to get frizzy in different weather but are best for a natural look. Real human hair extensions can be bleached, colored, or textured therefore you can treat them just like your real hair.

Synthetic Hair Extensions

Synthetic hair extensions are created from a combination of synthetic fibers and do not include any human hair. These are often very tiny plastic strands designed to resemble real human hair. You can only heat-style the ones made with heat-resistant fibers, although they are more prone to damage in the long run than human hair. Are adaptable to any weather & doesn't get frizzy but might look artificial. Synthetic hair is prone to damage and will cost you extra to maintain since it cannot withstand bleach or harsh hair treatments.


You now have all of the details you need to get the most affordable hair extensions for yourself, check out Halo Couture. They have a large selection of clip-ins, tape-ins, and sew-in hair extensions manufactured from both genuine human hair and colorful synthetic Prism tape in human hair extensions in a variety of colors textures, and styles. Visit Halo Couture’s website to find the nearest hair salon and get those locks!



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