How To Balayage (Highlight) & Hair Extension at Home?

Emma Ashton
4 min readMar 24, 2022

What is Balayage Exactly?

Balayage is a coloring technique for hair that involves lightening or darkening strands of hair to customize your mannequin’s extensions or bundle of extensions. Unlike traditional coloring, which treats the whole extensions, balayage is a partial coloring technique that uses a brown dye made with bleach and peroxide, then applied to the hair with a brush. As opposed to a demarcation line, there is no visible difference between the colored and non-colored portions of your doll’s hair because the strands are melted together.

What Type of Hairstyle is Suitable For Balayage?

It is suitable for all hair types and can be used on the lightest to the darkest of hair. Not only does it give a natural-looking tonal change, but it works best to add depth, volume, and an illusion of thicker, more voluminous-looking locks. Not only does this technique work great on blond hair with lighter-colored highlights, but it also works as a concealer for the first few gray hairs that appear in your dark hair.

To brighten up dark hair, balayage highlights in copper, hazelnut, or caramel are ideal. For dark blonde hair, honey shades will add dimension. Finally, if you’re blonde and want to soften the look of your face, choose a light blonde shade of gold or platinum.

How To Balayage (Highlight) Your Human Hair Extension At Home?

Now that you know what balayage is, you’ll be better equipped to highlight or downlight your hair extensions or extensions for a more natural look. Here are some tips:

1. Prepare Tools & Items

Before dyeing your extensions, please be sure to prepare all the following items:

Canvas Block



Balayage Kit




2. Clean Your extensions or Extension

Wash the extensions thoroughly to remove any buildup of styling products. Wash your extensions if you have used a chemical process or if it is not virgin hair. Do not use conditioner or styling products on the extensions before coloring them; let them dry completely first.

3. Fix Your extensions

Secure the dry, clean extensions to an extensions holder with T-pins. Then brush it with a special extensions brush to remove tangles. Brush from the ends upwards, to prevent tangling. To color hair extension, lay it flat on a surface. Then apply dyes or products evenly to the strands. If you are coloring a lot of hair, it’s best to use old pantyhose stretched over either tape in hair extensions head or cardboard instead of dyeing each hair strand by strand.

4. Mix Dye Products

Mix the hair dye in the bowl, following the instructions on the package to prepare the coloring or bleaching product. Remember to wear disposable rubber gloves to avoid direct contact between the dye and your skin.

5. Section Your extensions Into Few Parts

Section the extensions hair into three or five parts. Gather up the top part of the extension hair on one hand, and bring the rest of the balayage tape in hair extensions to the front. Or you can use several hair clips to part the extensions hair into several parts.

6. Start to Balayage

Then, dip your brush in a dye product that contains bleach. Apply the bleach to the lower layers of your hair first, working it through to the mid-lengths and ends. The strands of your color should be as thin as possible. Apply the dye evenly over each area of your head for a natural look.

7. Repeat and finish all sections

Repeat this process on all the remaining sections of hair. Make sure you start the application of the balayage in varying places to avoid any kind of dip-dye look. Apply more hair dye with a mixing brush to the strand you want to be brighter, and simply wipe off any excess product with your fingers if you feel there is too much on one section of hair.

8. Respect the necessary exposure time

You’ll want to separate your strands into different areas of varying thicknesses using some cotton or cellophane strips. Then, leave the mix on for about 45 minutes to achieve the balayage look.

9. Check if the balayage adheres well to your extensions

To maintain the color of your hair extensions or extensions, rinse them with water after a few minutes of exposure and shampoo afterward. Use products specifically designed for balayage hair extensions and make a conditioning mask once or twice a week.



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