Top 4 Hairstyle Inspirations With Hair Extensions

Emma Ashton
3 min readMay 31, 2022
Achieve beautiful hairstyles with hair extensions

Hair extensions are the best way to amplify your looks. They can add not only length but also thickness. Real human hair extensions can look and feel great and can be heat styled exactly like your own natural hair. Hair extensions give you the chance to change your look in a snap. You can choose from a lot of different brands and prices, and there are several types of hair extensions.

Hair extensions can be used to instantly change your look, whether you want to add length or change the color of your hair. With so many brands and prices available and several different types to choose from, you can either get them professionally done or easily apply them yourself.

You can do so much with your hair when you have extensions in. Want to get some inspiration to amplify your hairstyle with hair extensions? Scroll down and find some exciting hairstyles you can try!

1. Long Beach Waves

Long beach waves

Achieve these beach waves with the finest quality hair extensions. Add more texture to this hairstyle, with some beautiful balayage one-piece hair extensions and flaunt the beach wave hairstyle with balayage beautifully.

The long beach waves with 16-inch balayage extensions have always been in trend and are still here to stay. So, be it in the cool summer breeze or the chilly winters, you can take this hairstyle inspiration wherever you go!

2. Blonde Ponytail Hair Style

Blonde ponytail hairstyle

Love tying your hair into a ponytail but still wants to pull off that beautiful sleek ponytail look; then the finest hairstyle idea would be to go with an elegant blonde ponytail. Get the wrap-around blonde ponytail extensions to flaunt this hairstyle inspiration.

You can pull off this look with just the wrap-around blonde ponytail extensions and some elastic bands. Slay your ponytail look with this wrap-around extension to make your style sleek and on point!

3. Long Balayage Wild Curls

Long balayage with wild curls

Balayage and curly hair textures are a really good combination. Do this hairstyle with big wild curls to slay your looks with the 16-inch balayage extensions or longer. The curly texture will add an aesthetic look to the balayage hair extensions, and you will surely be able to flaunt your hairstyle.

Balayage remy tape in hair extensions is a great way to add volume and length to your natural hair to style your hair in whichever way you like. You can also get it straightened with hot tools for a sleek look!

Chunky High Buns

Chunky high buns

Chunky high buns are another way to slay your wrap around blonde ponytail extensions When the ponytail hair extensions can do so much hairstyling, why stick to just trying them in ponytails.

Try these beautiful chunky high buns and get an immense number of styles with your wrap-around blonde ponytail extensions. Just wrap around the ponytail and make them into a bun!


There are so many things you can do with hair extensions. Buy the right hair extensions and choose the hairstyle that suits your best. Explore different creative hairstyles and make those desired hairstyles come true with hair extensions!

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Emma Ashton

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